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From today, on our server works an in-game table of points for completing mythic+ dungeons.


1. Chat command

To display the information, type .checkmyth (or .ch) in the chat.

By selecting another player as your target, you will receive information about his progress
By selecting yourself or not having a target, you will receive information about yourself
    You can also get information about any player online within your realm by typing .ch <nick> (with a space)

In the chat you will see a list like this:


2. The data in the list

To display the information about a particular dungeon the best result is selected by the number of points.

These lines contain the information about: player's specialization, key level, completion time, number of points given for this dungeon.

The number of stars near the key level (15 ***) displays the speed of completion in relation to the thresholds to improve the key

    Three stars *** - completed in 60% of the allotted time or faster, the key is improved by 3 levels
    Two stars ** - completed in 80% of the allotted time or faster, the key is improved by 2 levels
    One star * - completed in the allotted time, the key is improved by 1 level
    No stars - completed exceeding the allotted time, the key is decreased by 1 level

The last line contains the information about the number of any lvl dungeons completed

3. Points calculation

The calculation formula is completely identical to that used by the site on official servers.

The calculation is based on the level of the passed dungeon and the completion time.

Points given for speed depend on the base time required to complete a particular dungeon.


All dungeons completed in the current season are considered, including dungeons before the implementation of this system.

This is not the final result. In the future we are planning to adjust the system, add new functions and integrate it with the ladder on the site.

Thanks to the developer Glazzer for the work done.